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Information for Potential Men of HOPE


HOPE Center is a safe, secure, clean, alcohol/drug free center for men who do not currently have a place to live, who have the personal goals of  living independently and acquiring their own housing, and are eager to do the work necessary to achieve their personal goals.


Men of HOPE must be physically and mentally capable of achieving their goals of independent living and acquiring housing as well as doing the work necessary to achieve their goals.  This includes but is not limited to contributing to the housework through chores, living independently and maintaining a household, as well as  seeking, obtaining, and maintaining legitimate, full-time income (paid employment and/or social security).


Before deciding if HOPE Center is a good fit for you, we want you to know that HOPE Center is a structured, home-like environment and supportive program.  


Requirements: Men of HOPE must


• have a personal goal of living independently & acquiring housing

• be eager and willing to do the work necessary to achieve their persoanl goals

• accept support/assistance in their efforts to acheive their goals.

• be and remain drug & alchohol free

• be respectful in behavior and language to all other Men of HOPE, staff, and volunteers

• refrain from violence and harsh language while in the Center and with all other Men of HOPE, staff, and


 • be active in maintaining the HOPE facility



Men of HOPE rise by 6 a.m. to do chores, prepare for their days, and leave the Center by 8:00 a.m. for work, to look for work, education, or scheduled appointments each Monday through Saturday morning.


Men of HOPE are required to be back at the Center by 9 p.m. each evening.


Dinner is family style at 7 p.m. each evening, and Men of HOPE take turns preparing dinner for the group and cleaning up afterward.  When it is your turn, you must be present at HOPE Center by 6 p.m.


On Sundays, the Center closes for morning church services at 8:30 a.m.  and reopens following morning services (no later than 2 p.m.)


         •Men of HOPE are NOT required to attend church services.  We close so that staff may attend  


         •Several local churches provide bus transportation to and from church services if Men wish to

           attend services.


HOPE is not a drop-in shelter.  We are a communal center where homeless men may stay while they work with the support and assistance of an assistant to reach their personal goals.   As such, each Man of HOPE is assigned a Transition Assistant.  In consultation with the assistant,


          •Men of HOPE establish their primary personal goals. All Men of HOPE have the goals of independent living

           and housing, but each man is unique and has goals that are specific to him.  These goals are important to us

           too, and your Transitional Assistant will also make them a priority.    


          •Men of HOPE create and accomplish incremental goals on their path to independent living and housing,    

           which could range from opening a checking account to applying for food stamps.


          •Men of HOPE may be advised and choose to attend and actively participate in specific educational courses,

           such money management, job skills, etc.


Since daily necessities are provided, Men of HOPE have the opportunity to save a great portion of the income they earn and/or pay off debt.  (Men of HOPE pay NOTHING to HOPE or for the services of HOPE.)


         •In consultation with the Transition Advocate, Men of HOPE establish a personal savings plan leading to their



         •Men of HOPE are expected to save the vast majority of their earnings and spend only when purchases align

          with daily needs and/or achieving goals.


         •Men of HOPE are expected to focus on and behave only in ways that will lead to achieving their personal goals.  



If HOPE Center is the right place for you to achieve your goals,

call 770-834-4007 for an interview.  


NOTE: If accepted as a Man of HOPE, third party homeless verification is required.


         •This is a document from a third party certifying that he is indeed homeless, and it must include the third

           party’s name and contact information.


HOPE Center is located across the street from a church; therefore, registered sex offenders may not be able to legally reside at HOPE.  No other criminal conviction, including felonies, will keep one from being accepted as a Man of HOPE.


Attention Mental Health Providers: HOPE Center has NO medical staff.  Men of HOPE must be both mentally and physically able to fully and independently function on a daily basis.

Becoming a Man of HOPE

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The one seeking to become a Man of HOPE must be the one to schedule the interview.  HOPE assists men reach their own goals.  


As such, it must be the man's choice to become a Man of HOPE, the goals of independent living and housing must be the man's personal goals, and he must both want to do and do the work necessary to achieve those goals.  


We are not equipped to help men meet goals someone else establishes for them or who have someone else doing the work for them.  As such, if you know a man who might be a good fit for HOPE, please have the man himself give us a call.  


In the case a man is currently incarcerated and is seeking an appointment upon release, he may schedule an interview via mail: P.O. Box 1677  Carrollton, GA 30112

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