Becoming a Man of HOPE

Information for Potential Men of HOPE


HOPE is a holistic, transition program for homeless men who have the personal goal and capability of  self-sufficient, independent living and are eager to do the work necessary to achieve their personal goals.


Qualifications to become a Man of HOPE:

  • be legally allowed to live across the street from a church
  • be free from illness that may be transmitted to others in close proximity
  • be alcohol and illegal drug free (prescription drugs must be in original bottle and men are responsible for taking them according to the prescription without prompting or assistance.)
  • be physically and mentally capable of living independently, including regular household cleaning, managing one's own grooming, health, and finances.  
  • be physically and mentally capable of working and maintaining full-time,* legitimate** employment.
  • have the personal desire to become a Man of HOPE
  • have the personal goal of acquiring his own home (apartment, house, etc.)
  • have the personal goal of working full-time* and earning an income sufficient to cover his own daily and living needs.
  • have the personal goal of managing (and/or learning to manage) his finances responsibly

*Or part-time plus receiving SSI or SSDI

**permanent or temp-to-perm employment in which taxes are witheld.



Before deciding if HOPE is a good fit for you, we want you to know that HOPE includes a structured, home-like environment and supportive program.  


Men of HOPE are:

  • granted three weeks of residence to search for and acquire employment.
  • assigned a bed, linens, and drawers for storage that are theirs until they leave.
  • provided toiletries, socks, and underwear as needed.
  • provided breakfast, food for making and taking lunch, and dinner.
  • assigned a Transition Assistant, with whom they will meet a minimum of once weekly.  

                        TAs help men fully develop their goals and a plan for reaching those goals.  

                        TAs assist men in reaching their goals and hold them accountable for working toward their goals.  

                        Each man is different, and therefore, each man's program/plan will be different.  



Requirements of Men of HOPE while residing at the Center:

  • be and remain alcohol & illegal drug free
  • be active in maintaining the Center by completing morning/evening daily chores and regular household upkeep.
  • rise by 6 a.m.
  • depart the Center each morning upon close (typically 8 a.m.)
  • return to the Center each evening by 9 p.m.
  • maintain full-time employment
  • behave, work, and save in ways that are consistent with their stated goals.
  • accept support/assistance in their efforts to achieve their goals.
  • save (in an FDIC insured bank account) the vast majority (based on individual plan) of the income they earn
  • be respectful in behavior and language to all other Men of HOPE, staff, and volunteers
  • refrain from violence and harsh language while in the Center and in the presence of Men of HOPE, staff, and




If HOPE is the right place for you to achieve your goals,

call 770-834-4007.  


The man who desires to become a Man of HOPE is the person who should call.  A man cannot be scheduled for a preliminary consultation through a third-party.    


Procedure: (If space is available, the process takes approximately 3 days.)

  • Call 770-834-4007 and leave your name and number where you can be reached.
  • The intake coordinator will call you and conduct a preliminary consultation to determine if you qualify.  
  • If you wish to become a Man of HOPE and space is available, an intake interview (including drug/alcohol test) will be scheduled.  If space is not available, you will be placed on the waiting list and called as soon as space is available.  



Attention mental health providers, hospitals, and service providers: HOPE Center has NO medical staff.  Men of HOPE must be both mentally and physically able to fully and independently function on a daily basis in a communal living environment, be able to work for wages and maintain employment, as well as be able (or learn) to manage his personal finances in such a way he can live independently.

The one seeking to become a Man of HOPE must be the one to schedule the interview.  HOPE assists men reach their own goals.
As such, it must be the man's choice to become a Man of HOPE, the goals of independent living and housing must be the man's personal goals, and he must both want to do and do the work necessary to achieve those goals.  

We are not equipped to help men meet goals someone else establishes for them or who have someone else doing the work for them.  As such, if you know a man who might be a good fit for HOPE, please have the man himself give us a call.  

In the case a man is currently incarcerated and is seeking an appointment upon release, he may schedule an interview via mail: P.O. Box 1677  Carrollton, GA 30112
Impact West Ga
P.O. Box 1677 Carrollton, GA 30112