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HOPE provides a safe, drug and alcohol free, home-like environment and all daily necessities, including hygiene products, haircuts, clothing, minor medical care, and three meals a day.  


HOPE also serves Men of HOPE through group therapy and individualized transition programs that include goal setting, job hunting and interview skills, financial management, savings plans, assistance with navigating government agencies, home hunting and applications, etc.    

HOPE Center

Unlike traditional homeless shelters and services, HOPE is a place Men can call home, live with dignity, have access to support services, and focus on rebuilding their lives and returning to independent living.  

Impact West GA

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Jeff Powell, ministerial staff at FBC Villa Rica and gourmet chef, was one of our first monthly dinner providers.

"I want to give these men a better chance at receiving employment, looking their best and making their lives better... they are just like me and you."

                                                  Mollie Skaggs, HOPE Center volunteer

The majority of the nation’s homeless are men.  Sixty four percent of adults who used emergency shelters or transitional housing last year were men.  Contrary to much popular opinion, the number one reason for homelessness among men in the past three years has been the sudden loss of a job and the subsequent inability to pay the bills (qtd in League 2014).  


For more information on becoming a Man of HOPE, check out our information page by clicking the link below.

Becoming a Man of HOPE

Former Man of HOPE, Robert, successfully transitioned back into his own home and independent living in 2012.  He was a featured speaker at the Community Foundation of West Georgia's Homeless Summit in February 2014

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Mollie Skaggs, member of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and hair stylist, has faithfully served the Men of HOPE since 2009

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HOPE Center (pictured in the video above) is the home where new Men of HOPE live throughout their transition while working to rebuild their lives and saving to afford a home a home of their own.


Contrary to many popular myths about the homeless, the # 1 barrier Men of HOPE face in transitioning into independent and self-sufficient living is finding a home that they can afford.  


The average rent in Carroll Co. (as of Feb. 2019) is approximately $1,000 a month.  According to standard quality of life guidelines, one would need to earn $23.07 per hour without taking any sick, holiday, or vacation days off to afford the average apartment in Carroll Co.