Become a Friend of Impact

w/a monthly gift supporting HOPE , DESERVE, ACE, or wherever most needed.

More than 150 homeless men, women, and families will reach out to Impact 2023.  Your monthly gift of $50 will provide a warm and safe place to sleep in inclement weather for all and an opportunity for homeless men to rebuild their lives.
Your monthly gift of $25 will provide paper, pencils, notebooks, and teacher resources for two Adults learning to read for the first time or an entire English class in 2020!  
Have you ever seen DESERVE around town?  Next time, give us a honk!
Your gift of $100 monthly will fuel DESERVE for 100 trips to the doctor for local veterans!
Your gift of $200 monthly will equip 10 men in 2023 to live independently by providing assistance with their job searches, soft and interpersonal skills, financial skills coaching, and home readiness training.
Impact West Ga
P.O. Box 1677 Carrollton, GA 30112