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Give a financial gift

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Your gift of $5,000

will insure Deserve’s double wheelchair accessible van for an entire year.

Your $100 gift will provide resources to teach an adult to Read & Write for the first time.    

Financial gifts may also be made by telephone or  mail:  (770) 834-4007; P.O. Box 1677 Carrollton, GA 30112

supporting HOPE, DESERVE, ACE, or wherever it's most needed.  

Marvin ARW

For only $40, you can provide one night of safe, secure shelter; a warm, comfortable bed; three meals; new socks, undergarments, toiletries, etc.; and supportive services for one man.  This one night will enable a man to begin rebuilding his life.



As he works toward independent housing and living, he will have a place to call home.  Yet, you are giving him so much more than a shelter.  Your gift relieves the incredible burden of wondering where his next meal will come from or how to access the prescription he so desperately needs.  You are providing basic necessities of food, clothing, as well as minor medical and dental care so that he can focus on rebuilding his life and becoming the man he is meant to be.  


Moreover, your gift goes beyond giving a man basic necessities: shelter, food, and clothing.  You are restoring his dignity and equipping him to live independently by providing assistance in his job search for full-time employment, soft and interpersonal skills to ensure he maintains full-time employment, financial skills coaching, including budgeting and saving, and home readiness training.