Adult & Community Education

Striving to empower community members through a variety of educational opportunities

Located on Mandeville Ave. between Newnan Rd. & Austin Ave.
Through ACE, adults learn to read and write for the first time; immigrants learn to speak English; Americans learn to communicate with their Spanish-speaking neighbors; the un- and underemployed develop skills that help them find and maintain employment; children improve their academic competence as well as develop a love for stories, reading, STEM, and creative endeavors; and community members gain valuable insights into finance, healthcare, cooking, shopping, car maintenance, etc.

Adult Reading and Writing

Adult Reading and Writing classes are one-on-one, private sessions for English-speaking adults who never learned to read or write.  Adults who do not read are typically highly intelligent and have developed impressive skills that allow them to navigate the world without reading.  It is never too late to learn to read!  If you know someone who would like more information or wish to set up a session, please call 770.834.4007.

English as a Second Language

Annette, member of Antioch Baptist Church, teaches an advanced class
Lindsey, member of Journey Fellowship Baptist Church, teaches a beginner class
Volunteers for snacks, administration, and assisting English teachers are always needed.

Volunteers need not speak any language other than English, and training required for volunteer teachers only.
ESL is our largest and longest running program. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced English classes are held on Thursdays 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Spring 2023 session will begin in February. Registration will re-open in January. Check our facebook page for the registration link when it opens. There are only 15 spots available for spring 2023.

Cool Kids Club

While parents are learning English, the Cool Kids have their own Club.

Older children can bring homework and get help or tutoring, younger children engage in English immersion through play and games.  All Cool Kids participate in story time, singing, and crafts.  Each evening, Cool Kids may pick a book from the Kid's Book Closet to take home and keep.
Volunteers for Cool Kids Club are always needed.(Requires background check and training.)

Workshops, Seminars, & Series

Throughout the year, ACE offers classes on a wide variety of topics.  Some are seminar style & some are workshops.  Some are one-class only, and others are short series.  Everyone is welcome.  Take one or take them all!

Money $mart

* The truth about payday & title loans and how to get out of the cycle.

* Creating a budget & actually living on it.

* Building Credit & Reducing Debt

Keep That Job & Get Promoted!

* It takes very little effort to be extra-ordinary.

* The (not so) secret to becoming a most valued employee.

* Asking for the raise or promotion you deserve.

Get That Job!

* Search the job market and network effectively

* Applications, Resumes, & Follow Up.

* Interviews that Get That Job!
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