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Information for Potential Men of HOPE


HOPE Center is an alcohol and drug free center; we have a zero tolerance policy; potential Men of HOPE are drug tested prior to an intake interview; and random tests are also conducted.


Men of HOPE must be physically and mentally capable of caring for themselves; contribute to the housework through chores, and seeking, obtaining, and maintaining legitimate, full-time income (paid employment, disability, and/or social security).


         •There are no doctors or mental health professionals on staff at HOPE Center.


         •An official diagnosis with function level, on letterhead, is required for Men of HOPE who have ever been admitted into a mental health facility or substance abuse treatment center.


         •Official hospital or emergency room records, including prescriptions, are required for Men of HOPE recently released from a hospital or emergency room.


Men of HOPE rise by 6 a.m., do chores, eat breakfast, make lunch, and leave the Center by 8:00 a.m. for work, to look for work, education, or scheduled appointments, including those associated with obtaining disability and social security each Monday through Friday morning.


Men of HOPE are required to be back at the Center by 9 p.m. each evening.


         •Exceptions are occasionally made for work or education.


On Mondays through Fridays, appropriately employed Men of HOPE may return to the Center at 2 p.m. Dinner is family style at 7 p.m. each evening.


The Center is open all day on Saturdays, and on Sundays, the Center closes for morning church services at 8:30 a.m.  and reopens following morning services (no later than 1 p.m.) Lunch is family style at 1:30 p.m. on Sundays.


         •Men of HOPE are NOT required to attend church services.  We close so that staff may attend  


         •Several local churches provide bus transportation to and from church services.


HOPE is not a drop-in shelter.  We are a communal home where homeless men may live while they transition back into the housed community and independent living. As such,


         •Men of HOPE have regular, mandatory goals to accomplish, which could be anything from opening a checking account to applying for food stamps.


                   •Men of HOPE may also be required to attend and actively participate in specific educational courses, such GED, money management, job skills, etc.


         •Men of HOPE not eligible for disability are required to obtain and maintain full-time, permanent employment


                   •Beginning the first morning, a Man of HOPE’s job is to get a job. (Most other activities during the day are not acceptable.)


         •Men of HOPE eligible for disability are required to actively work toward obtaining disability until granted.


Since daily necessities are provided, Men of HOPE have bank accounts and save a great portion of the income they earn.


         •Men of HOPE report their earnings to their Transition Advocate.


         •A Transition Advocate will work with each man independently to determine the percentage of earnings that should be saved based on debt, fines, child support, etc.


                   •Once debts, child support, fines, and medications or health related issues have been covered, most Men of HOPE are required to save 75 to 90% of their remaining income for the transition.


         •Men of HOPE may not make frivolous or exorbitant purchases.


Men of HOPE have mandatory, daily chores that must be completed each day.


Men of HOPE give back to the community by participating in community service activities and projects.


If accepted as a Man of HOPE, third party homeless verification is required.


         •This is a document from a third party certifying that you are indeed homeless.


                   •It must include the third party’s name and contact information.


HOPE Center is located across the street from a church; therefore, registered sex offenders may not reside at HOPE.  No other criminal conviction, including felonies, will keep one from being accepted as a Man of HOPE.








Attention Mental Health Providers: HOPE Center has NO medical staff.  Men of HOPE must be both mentally and physically able to fully and independently function on a daily basis.  Referrals who do not fit this criteria cannot reside at HOPE Center, and transportation back to the medical facility from which a referral came will be the full responsibility of the referring agency.  


Becoming a Man of HOPE

Impact West GA

If you think HOPE Center may be the right place for you, call 770.834.9145 to schedule an intake appointment.  Appointments are scheduled before 4 p.m. on Mondays - Thursdays.

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