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As you'll see below, our greatest regular needs of consumable items are at HOPE.  

16 men go through a lot of soap, trash bags, cleaning supplies, and lunch meat!  

However, you'll also see needs for DESERVE and ACE below.  


Whether you're planning on filling some of these needs yourself, organizing a needs drive, or praying for God to supply, THANK YOU!!!!

Constant Needs:


Men’s boxers (L & XL) - HOPE

Men’s undershirts (L & XL) - HOPE

Men’s deodorant - HOPE

Shaving cream - HOPE

Body wash - HOPE

Powdered laundry detergent - HOPE

Bleach - HOPE

Dishwasher detergent - HOPE

13 gal. trash bags - HOPE

Lunch meat - HOPE

Tea & coffee - HOPE

Sugar - HOPE

Powdered coffee creamer - HOPE

Sandwich bags - HOPE

Brown lunch bags - HOPE

Aluminum foil - HOPE

Plastic wrap - HOPE

Liquid hand soap - HOPE

Volunteers Urgent Needs:


Van Driver - DESERVE

English Conversation Partners - ACE

English Teachers/Assistants - ACE

Workshop Leaders/Assistants (multiple topics) - ACE

Administrative - ACE

Dinner Providers (monthly) - HOPE

Resident Assistants - HOPE


Give Up a Cup Team members (July – Nov) - DESERVE

Ride for HOPE Team members (March - Sept) - HOPE

One Time Needs:


2 Comfy living room chairs


2 bed side stands

2 small dressers

Special Occasion Needs:


Easter dinner – HOPE

4th of July cookout – HOPE

Thanksgiving dinner - HOPE

Christmas Eve dinner - HOPE

Christmas dinner - HOPE

Christmas presents - HOPE

New Year’s Eve dinner - HOPE

New Year’s dinner - HOPE

Printable Needs List

All donations are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

In-kind donations may be dropped off at the Impact offices (410 Newnan Rd. Carrollton), and financial donations may be made in person at the Impact offices, by phone at (770) 834-4007, or here

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